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JUNE  2016

LAUNCH  Arch Angels   100% Essential Oil Blends  at Mundella  Every Woman Expo Perth Convention Centre

11  x   NEW  Arch Angel  Oils   Presented in roll- on frosted glass bottles in a pure white organza bag with angel colour ribbon

A-Raziel    chamuel   jophiel 

  1. Arch Angel Metatron ; Keeper of Akashic Records; Wisdom; Protection from Psychic Attacks; Sacred Geometry
  2. Arch Angel Michael ; Protection ; Strength
  3. Arch Angel  Gabriel – Messenger ; Hope
  4. Arch Angel Uriel – Clairvoyance; Creativity; Wisdom ; Light
  5. Arch Angel  Raphael – Healing
  6. Arch Angel Chamuel – Love; Peace
  7. Arch Angel Jophiel – Truth ; Justice ; Integrity ; Compassion
  8. Arch Angel Haniel – Divine Grace; Clairvoyance
  9. Arch Angel Zadkiel – Teaching; Forgiveness; Emotional Healing; Solutions
  10. arch Angel Raziel –   Keeper of Secrets; Wisdom; Knowledge; Life Purpose
  11.  Arch Angel Ariel – Abundance ; Prosperity



At….   PERTH CONSCIOUS LIVING EXPO  Friday  6th November  – Sunday  8th November   2015    !!!!!!    

 Our LAUNCH For Our New Range –  Arumashaya(tm)   -‘ SCENT‘  Range –  100%  Essential Oil blends

JOHANNA   released  her  NEW  range of  100% Essential Oil Blends

 ‘Arumashaya’Aramaic –  meaning ‘Peace and Blessings go with You’

  • Scent of Peace  -Calm; Relax; Stress Free; Sleep
  • Scent of Being – Balance; Tranquility; Serenity; Calm; Peaceful
  • Scent of Destiny- Set goals; Focus ; Inspire; Move forward
  • Scent of Seduction  – Seduce; Enchant; Temptation

Our SPECIAL  launch with spotlight on our NEW Blends . They will be sold individually, and in a beautiful package of 3 x essential oils .

AND..our BEST…. ‘ Scent of Seduction’  delighting your senses!

Special OFFER only for the LAUNCH…  Limited Release…Call only   for your order  !!

  • Scent of Peace
  • Scent of Being
  • Scent of Destiny

$35.00 each  for 25ml bottles presented in a beautiful coloured organza bag with ribbon with label of certification. Each essential Oil of our range is 100% and not diluted to ensure purity of energy.

Scent of Seduction – Be Seduced….

$45.99 for 25ml Bottle     (sold as stand alone)

  • Presented in a gorgeous Red heart box in a Black  organza bag
  • Red satin ribbon
  • Label of certification

Boxed 3 x set of  our complete set $89.99 – saving of $25.00  for the set

  • Scent of Peace
  • Scent of Being
  • Scent of Destiny

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We are so thrilled to offer our added service .  New blends, individual oils and more arriving !!!

We have

  • Essential oil kits for the home and more
  • A variety of  essential  Oil Blends
  • Aromatherapy and essential oil books
  • Skin Care
  • Massage Oils
  • Individual essential oils for your requirements

Johanna uses the essential oils and essential oil blends in conjunction with her current sessions offered to her clients  according to what you require.



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