Money and abundance flows easily and frequently to me every day in miraculous ways.

– I give glorious thanks and praise for the avalanches of divine abundance and prosperity that flows to me in every way each and every day. My power is Gods’ power and irresistible. Nothing shall stand in my way for my good. And so it is!

– Divine Order is now established in my mind; body and affairs.

– I see clearly and act quickly and my greatest expectations come to pass in miraculous ways each and every day.

– The tide of Destiny has turned and everything I Desire and Require comes my way.

– I am harmonious , happy and radiant, detached from the tyranny of fear.

– There is no loss in Divine Mind, therefore I cannot lose anything which belongs to me. It will be restored or I will receive its equivalent.

– The Light of Christ streams on my pathway. I see clearly there are no lions on my way, only ANGELS and endless blessings.

– I do not resist this situation. I put it into the hands of Infinite Love and Wisdom. Let the Divine idea now come to pass.

– In the infinity where I am, all is perfect clear and harmonious. I am divinely guided and protected and I make decisions that are right for me each and every day.

– Divine LOVE pours through me, a perfect magnet, to draw to me my own in health, prosperity and wealth.

– I am a POWERFUL MONEY MAGNET . I attract money to me each and every day, that which is Divinely sent.

– I give glorious thanks and praise for the divine blessings and graces that pour down under grace in perfect ways for me and mine.


  • Florence Schovell Schinn
  • Louise Hay