Revealing Your Personal Blue Print  for Life and Soul Purpose

Change and Transformation in Your Life 

*Transform* Transmute and pathway in your life
o Discover your role in life today

o Find out your true purpose in life
o Discover powerful guidance  healing techniques
o Learn HOW to listen to your guidance for wealth and well being in every day life

Johanna Creates Your Personal Blue Print for Prosperity, Abundance, Health and Welrainbow-healing-energy-male-healer-s-hands-outstretched-hands-shaft-light-muted-web-background-40536115l being.

  • She is a well known Facilitator of Personal Life Change & Transformation.
    In addition, Johanna is A Visionary,  Medical Intuitive and Healer  who is an international motivational speaker.
  • She works with people to clear DNA energy Memories.. energy from past traumas, conflicts and dramas, and she is a Theta Healing Practitioner(R),and Genome DNA Stem Cell Healing Practitioner.

Call  Johanna  0434 390 363

7 x Keys To Healing Workshop. Conducted once per month only


August  Saturday  26th

September Saturday  23rd

October  Saturday 21st

November Saturday 25th

  • Small – medium groups up to 20 participants.
  • Held  online and at locations advised per month.
  • Includes: ¨ Discover Your  Sacred Soul and Life Contract

    ¨ Experience  DNA Memory Clearing  and clearing psychic chords and attachments

    ¨ Discover How to easily  Eliminate  Your Self  Sabotage  Programs

    ¨ Receive ,  and use Your Personal Healing  Codes

    Upon completion of each level of workshop either a Certificate for Level 1  or  Level 2 is awarded.


    ¨ Includes workbooks,

    ¨ Coffee; tea; orange juice,

    ¨ Snacks

    ¨ Level 1 / Level 2  Certificate  upon conclusion  from Ascent Healing Centre

    Dates     1  FULL DAY  workshop   

  • ¨ Registration  9am    START at  9.30am  SHARP
  • 9.30am  – 3.30pm  weekend Saturday or Sunday

Contact Johanna for details  0423 561 736 for dates and locations.

Access Bars Energy  Consciousness Practitioner
access bars head chart

This energy clearing & healing process involves gently touching the energy bars or centres located on the head.  This enables the client to move into a very tranquil and blissful state.

The energy centres located in the head flow down into the body, once these centred have been cleared it  resets the whole physical system. This enable the body and mind to be brought back into line and in harmony with each other.

The wonder of this process is that it can deal directly with specific issues. By releasing the energy blocks around these issues the body can return to its natural state of peace and calm!

Takes about 60min,  whilst you relax.

Some of these blockages that this technique is able to cleared are:

  • Money  /  Creativity / Manifesting
  • Health / Peace, Calm & Healing
  • Communication issues
  • Aging beliefs
  • Increase power & connections ;  Control
  • Kindness & gratitude ;   Sadness & joy
  • Hopes & dreams

Benefits include, though not limited to :

• Neutralize and discharge the energy holding of negative and limiting beliefs in place in their neural connections
• Releases stress and tension
• Reduces mind chatter
• Increases those feelings of inner peace and calmness
• Allow better focus and concentration
• Increases physical energy levels
• Heal emotional issues and trauma
• Releases trapped emotions
• Minimize pain
• Accelerates the body’s natural healing process
• Improves sleep
• Allow more joy, happiness and abundance .. and more

Mantra that is encouraged as part of this Bar’s Therapy is “ How Does It Get Better Than This”  

Contact Johanna for your session.  0434 390 363


 Genome  Stem Cell DNA  Healing

Johanna will work with your body to embody’ your organs and allow them to speak and to transform negative information held within your organs and systems instantly. You will also learn how to activate new blueprints  for regeneration within them as well as within your DNA stem cells and chakras. You will  learn how to heal the spine and skeletal system and also do this for yourself . You will learn powerful methods of manifestation and much more – all through the power of your mind.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy -Johanna’s  Arumashaya range of 100% Blended Essential Oils  and Doterra range

Johanna’s Channelled 100%  Blended Oils for Healing ( in shops now)

  • Scent of Peace -calm; relax; sleep
  • Scent of Being – Grounding; balance
  • Scent of Destiny – set goals; inspire; creativity
  • Scent of Seduction – Love; Romance; Seduce; Love self. Nurture

A-RazielNEW!!!  Scent of Angels

11  x  Archangels  100% Essential Oils Blends

  1. Arch Angel Michael – Angel of Protection, Strength
  2. Arch Angel Gabriel—Angel of  Communication
  3. Arch Angel Raphael—Angel of  Healing
  4. Arch Angel Uriel–  Angel of  Prophecy, Creativity
  5. Arch  Angel Jophiel  Angel of Truth, Justice, Integrity
  6. Arch Angel Zadkiel—Angel of  Emotional Healing,Teaching, Forgiveness
  7.  Arch Angel  Haniel  –  Angel of  Wisdom, Strength,  Intuition
  8. Arch Angel Chamuel  – Angel of Love, Peace, Joy
  9. Arch Angel  Raziel – Angel of Manifesting, Wisdom, Secret Knowledge
  10. Arch Angel Ariel  –  Angel of Prosperity, Abundance
  11. Arch Angel Metatron—Keeper of Akashic Records, Wisdom, Protection from Spiritual Attack,  Sacred Geometry
  • Learn how powerful, yet simple and easy  using Essential oils  can be !
  • Learn techniques to change your life for the better using the Essential Oils .
  • Practice as you learn, using essential oils  to unblock and release emotional energies and move forward in your life.
  • Learn to Clear your Chakra blockages that hold you back from being the best YOU can be !
  • Use Essential oils and  essential oil blends to relax and assist you to focus, and manifest what you desire in your life.
  • Learn how to use medicinal therapeutic grade essential oils in practical ways for health and emotional well-being
  • Learn how to to ease pain, improve sleep and more including -,
    • calm restless children, restore
    •  calm and balance your  mood/ those members in your family
    • ease stress and anxiety
    •  enhance your mental focus to relax, enjoy life
    • Discover how to use essential oils  for everyday first-aid needs.

We have numerous Books and reference books for purchase. –

  • Work shops include written material for you to read at your leisure after our workshop has finished , and provide you with a ready resource to view later.
  • Workshops are also interactive to create a better learning environment

Chakra Clearing and Healing

  • Did you know that when your chakras energy centres are out of balance /harmony , you can find yourself  lacking energy?
  • Find out how you can quickly and easily you can  balance your chakras in the  privacy of your own home
  • Learn to Clear your Chakra blockages that hold you back from being the best YOU can be
  • Did you know that you can balance your chakras in 90 seconds a day using essential oils?
    • Let Johanna show you how !  Simply..easily.. and have fun!
    • Learn to help yourself and your family.

Did you know there is  vibrational frequency benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils.?Yes there is !!

  • Would you like to  learn the benefits of balancing the chakras?
  • Would you like to discover,   learn, and experience how the chakras are associated with physical and emotional health.
  • Find out and discover which oils to use, and how to use them to balance the Chakras.
  • Learn also how to blend essential oils for your needs.

Theta Healing

  • Using powerful Theta Healing(R) techniques, Discover HOW to tap into your inner resources to create greater Health, Harmony, wealth, peace and joy  in your life
  • Clearing energy attachments that do not support your positive life directions
  •  Learn and discover the powerful Theta Healing techniques to change your life for the better.
  • Practice as you learn, Theta Healing(R)  to unblock and move forward in your life.
  • Clear blockages on all levels  that hold you back from being the best YOU can be !
  • Use Theta to manifest what you desire in your life.

Sound and Vibration  Healing

  • Crystal Bowls – Sound Healing and clearing
  • Koshi Bells – Sound and energy clearing
  • Tuning Forks – using the acupuncture pressure points and meridians of the body to accelerate the healing process.
  • Tibetan Gongs –sound healing
  • Tibetan Healing and  Singing Bowls

Learn , discover , and experience the healing of the Sound and Vibration Healing

  • Experience the energy shifts within your energy fields
  • Feel your body hum with the energy of the sounds
  • Feel the changes in your energy / chakra centres – balance and harmonise
  • Clearing negative energy attachments
  • Clear trapped emotions
  • Feel the energy flow within your body centres

Creative Visualisation for health and every day
o Discover HOW to tap into your inner resources to create greater Health, wealth in your life
o Learn the techniques to change your life for the better
o Visualise yourself to a better life style

• Spiritual Development And Awareness
o Explore healing through the chakras
o Developing and refining your skills
o Healing through colour and crystals

0 Healing through sound Vibration methods

o Discover the healer in you and how to use this in your life.

Spirit Drawings

Johanna channels information and Draws Pictures  from Spirit of those who wish to speak with you

  • Spiritual Guides and others

Sessions include your Spiritual Drawing with messages


Johanna M McNamara

  • (Grad Dip FDR ; NMAS Mediator ; BA; DIP Teach, Dip Assess Syst; Cert 1V Training; Floral Designer and Event Stylist )
  • 35 years – Field experience, Medical Intuitive Healer ; Visionary , REIKI Master & Practitioner;  Theta Healer practitioner; Access Bars Practitioner; Author; Spiritual Healer; Spirit Drawings, Mindfulness Practitioner : Spiritual Counselling , Vibrational Sound Energy Practitioner.