Revealing your Personal Blue Print


Johanna  helps you to Reveal Your Life and Soul Purpose Blue Print for all areas of your life.  This process enables the individual to become open to receiving Prosperity, Abundance, Health and Well being.
Johanna is a well known Facilitator of Personal Change & Transformation.

In addition, Johanna is A Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master, Vibrational Energy Practitioner who is a motivational speaker connecting with clients around the world.

She works with people to clear energy from past traumas, conflicts and dramas, and she is a Theta Healing Practitioner(R),and Genome DNA Stem Cell Healing Practitioner.

Johanna is a Holistic Children’s Coach; Reiki Master; and Practitioner  of Tibetan and Crystal  Singing Bowls Sound Healing

Changing Lives, Making a difference!

  • Discover your purpose and pathway in your life
  • Discover your role in your life today
  • Release and clear generational curses and obligations in your family
  • End personal sabotage programs you/ family  have been unconsciously running preventing you living your true blue print!
  • Clear your energetic DNA of sabotaging programs

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Feeling Stuck? 

Scientists recently uncovered something fascinating.

They found that the experiences of previous generations can literally be embedded directly into our DNA.     FOR REAL!!!!

It’s a growing area of science known as epigenetics.

Here’s where it really gets interesting…

The finding also means that the previous “limiting thoughts” of your parents and grandparents may actually still be inside your energetic DNA… and acting as a block to your success.

Sound strange?

There’s a growing body of proof that it’s absolutely accurate.

If your grandparents had a poverty mentality, those same thoughts could be holding you back today — without you even realizing it.

It might be why “the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.”

Johanna  works with you identify  these limiting beliefs, then to delete, and  reprogram these energetically, from your DNA to move forward in your life.

Have you ever wondered What your true life purpose is ?

  • Find out your true purpose and direction is  in life
  • Learn techniques to remove negative self sabotaging energy programs
  • Discover powerful techniques to relax, empower you to be the BEST YOU can be
  • Discover techniques to  inspire and guide when you require
  • Learn HOW to listen to your guidance for wealth and well being in every day life

Written notes and material is included in your private session

You will also learn powerful techniques to meditate and work with your guidance

  • Learn how to write your  Journal of Discovery – Your Personal Blue Print