Chakra Clearing and Healing with the Arch Angels

Chakra Healing can be done through a number of different practises including working with the angels.

Chakra Healing is very powerful when used:

    • in addictions treatment,
    • with grief and loss,
    • in couples counseling,
    •  with depression and anxiety,
    • People preparing to transition and pass over in spirit
    • and for individuals wanting to deepen their spiritual practice.

Archangel-Raziel   raphael    uriel  gabriel


  • Did you know that when your chakras energy centres are out of balance /harmony , you can find yourself  lacking energy?
  • Find out how you can quickly and easily you can  balance your chakras in the  privacy of your own home
  • Learn to Clear your Chakra blockages that hold you back from being the best YOU can be
  • Did you know that you can balance your chakras in 90 seconds a day using essential oils?
    • Let Johanna show you how !  Simply..easily.. and have fun!
    • Learn to help yourself and your family.

Did you know there is  vibrational frequency benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils.?Yes there is !!

  • Would you like to  learn the benefits of balancing the chakras?
  • Would you like to discover,   learn, and experience how the chakras are associated with physical and emotional health.
  • Find out and discover which oils to use, and how to use them to balance the Chakras.
  • Learn also how to blend essential oils for your needs.

Johanna has now Launched her NEW Archangel Range of Essential Oils . Invoke the Arch Angels for healing of all your Chakras .

  1. Base Chakra -Kundalini 
    1. Arch Angel Michael ; Protection ; Strength
  2. Sacral Chakra
    1. Arch Angel  Raphael – Healing Family  and community
  3. Solar Plexus  Chakra
    1. Arch Angel Uriel – Clairvoyance; Creativity; Wisdom ; Light
  4. Throat Chakra
    1. Arch Angel  Gabriel – Messenger ; Hope
    2. Arch Angel Jophiel – Truth ; Justice ; Integrity ; Compassion
  5. Heart Chakra
    1. Arch Angel Chamuel – Love; Peace
    2. Arch Angel Zadkiel – Teaching; Forgiveness; Emotional Healing; Solutions
  6. Third Eye Chakra
    1. Arch Angel Jophiel – Truth ; Justice ; Integrity ; Compassion
    2. Arch Angel Haniel – Divine Grace; Clairvoyance
  7. Crown Chakra
    1. Arch Angel Raziel –   Keeper of Secrets; Wisdom; Knowledge; Life Purpose
    2. Arch Angel Zadkiel – Teaching; Forgiveness; Emotional Healing; Solutions, Spiritual Development
  8.  Eosoteric  Chakras
    1. Arch Angel Ariel – Abundance ; Prosperity
    2. Arch Angel Metatron ; Keeper of Akashic Records; Wisdom; Protection from Psychic Attacks; Sacred Geometry