Holistic Children’s Coaching

Trainers and Facilitators:

  • Johanna M McNamara
  • Mona Louise De Carvallo

AIM-  Providing a holistic approach to children’s coaching to empower children with lifelong skills  and strategies . The intention is to enable the child to develop resilience and achieve a fulfilling life wherever they live.

When asked about the program, both Mona and Johanna, have said of their program:

“In line with Australian National School Curriculum initiatives, we help and assist children identify the impact , joy  and  beauty of learning and being personally safe!

The programs are also targeted towards children who are bullied in the home, school and wider community, to help the child identify the impact of bullying behaviours, develop strategies to overcome these behaviours and succeed in their goals.

We  assist children to identify  strong goals for success, and develop strong  strategies to assist them overcome negative sabotaging behaviours, to succeed in their goals,”

“Our programs also benefit children with disabilities, including autistic children to guide them in performance, goal setting and to enhance their life skills. This helps them and their families live happier more fulfilling lives, and to participate more within their communities.

The programs are run in a fun and safe environment.


  • By empowering each individual through team based activities ,  with positive life skills and strategies that will assist them to open opportunities for fulfillment in their lives for success
  • We offer learning in a fun and safe environment
  • We assist children through role play and other activities , to identify  strong goals for success, and develop strong  strategies to assist them overcome negative sabotaging behaviours, to succeed in their goals,”
  • To identify and develop strategies to combat any bullying behaviours in all areas
  • Teach children meditation, and visualising strategies to focus on health and well being

Adults programs

For adults- to connect to their inner child to re- discover fun, joy ,peace and harmony in their life .

  • Identify and Heal the adults’  inner child from negative sabotaging behavious of  life experiences

Long Term

Our long term plan is

  1. To develop and  expand  our program  internationally to provide training to teachers, facilitators and parents  to continue our work empowering our children
  2. To open  Locally, Nationally and Internationally, respite centres for children including special needs/ disabilities to provide an environment to increase social skills, harmony, and life skills.
    1. This will include special needs and disability children as too, those who are in crisis and need timeout.
    2. We will provide the parents the respite they require to rejuvenate and accomplish their own dreams and goals.

We envisage our programs introduced and run

  • Locally
  • Nationally
  • Internationally,

The programs will be  run  alongside with

  • Current Australian national school curriculum initiatives,
  • International initiatives for the child,
  • Social services groups that provide on going support for families and individuals.


  • Workshops will be held on weekends- dates to be advised.
    • Groups of 10 participants with 2 x trainers present


Individual sessions will also be held  by appointment

Please call to discuss and book in for workshops and sessions

Johanna – 0434 390 363

Mona – 0432 288 651