Tibetan Singing Bowls

Since the time of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni (560 – 489 B.C.E.) the harmonics of singing bowls have been used to induce meditation and assist spiritual seekers to the state of enlightenment.

Come experience the transformational power of a workshop / individual session with Johanna with Tibetan singing bowls.

A 1hr Vibrational Sound Therapy/Meditation, using Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Irish Drums, Chimes, & other Musical Instruments.

Each Vibrational/Sound Session is Created to Particularly Nourish your Light Body and all levels of your Being.

These are a set of 6 x  authentic Singing bowls .  The tones are  the  Cycle of 5ths set.

Johanna uses them for healing/meditation  sessions.  Particularly for healing and aligning Chakra imbalances. Johanna also works with the  bowls when conducting our Holistic Children’s Coaching sessions and workshops

  • Root:  Highwall 11 3/8”  –  F -2/C +4/A 880 Hz.
  • Tantien:  High-Wall 10 ½” XT  , C -4/G -4 Hz.
  • Solar Plexus: Buddha 6 7/8 XT  , G 196 /C# +4 Hz.
  • Heart: Buddha 6 3/8” XT/ , D 293/G# -4 Hz.
  • Throat: Special 6 ½” XT  , A 220/D# +4 Hz.
  • Third Eye: tbd
  • Crown:  Cup 5 1/8” XXT  , B -4 Hz.





Previously used in Tibet for meditation and ceremonial purposes, Tibetan singing bowls are struck with a padded mallet or rubbed around the rim with a playing mallet to produce a fascinating blend of harmonic resonances and rich overtones workshops.