The Ascent Healing Centre holds seminars Australia wide through our  Academy –    ‘ISHADA’ and online


Our range of seminars  include key note speakers and practitioners of a variety of modalities

We are currently collating our seminar schedule for 2018 .   Stay tuned.

Our aim is to deliver Health and Wellness seminars to empower individuals to pursue their own health and wellbeing where ever they live..

We live in a world with so many amazing technologies we can use, access to help and improve our wellness.

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My range of Holistic Healing Services

♥ Courses, ♥ Workshops, ♥ Group and ♥ Private sessions  –      Promoting self awareness, Healing, Well Being in today’s busy world . Johanna regularly travels to country areas / overseas

Bookings essential !     Group Private sessions for a minimum of 6 people.


International Spiritual Healing & Development Academy 

Mission  –  ISHADA

  • Provides a platform for individuals to develop & enhance their Spiritual, Emotional, Personal development .
  • Honours every individuals’ right to Respect, Dignity, Living  a Joyful Life  – Heart to Heart – in Peace & Harmony 
  •  To clear Negative  energy blockages that prevent each individual from  achieving their greatest potential in all areas of their life  -simply, easily!
  • Empower each person to BE who they have the ability to be.
  • Enable the individual to find, develop  and grow, the Christ Light within