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A Heart to Heart Centred Business- Body-Mind-Spirit -Soul

The Ascent Healing Centre is a centre for holistic healing modalities, and arose from the desire of  Johanna M McNamara (Founding Director and Principal ) to offer people globally, the opportunity to pursue Health, Wellness and Personal Development in all aspects.

In all my research, says Johanna,  I  have found the desire to pursue Health, Wellness & Personal Development for individuals and organisations to be of  importance according to where each person is in their life path.

  • As  such, I strive to enable those who desire, to be a Facilitator of Change in their own life, and in doing so,  thus raise consciousness for humanity for our Planet

As a consequence, I collaboratively research  locally, nationally and finally, internationally for answers and solutions.

As the Principal Trainer and Facilitator,  I ensure that other practitioners are qualified in their fields of expertise and adhere to protocols of safety and integrity.

As  a Nationally qualified Work Place Assessor and Trainer, I ensure that a range of  various modalities of the health, wellness, and education is available for my clients.

We are most fortunate to have an actively involved relationship within the Alternative Therapy industry practitioners, trainers and facilitators Australia wide, and now, overseas.

Our Centre of Health and Well being offers a variety of the following:

We offer

  • Seminars
  • Information days
  • Workshops
  • Training
  • Webinars
  • Skype

This is to further inform , update individuals and groups in areas of personal / spiritual /Health and wellness together with business and industry .

Johanna ensures that  as a business, all sessions/ seminars/ training are personally  tailored  to your requirements.

Did you know that we provide to individuals and corporate clients ?

  • Mentoring
  • Coaching



In the long term, my goal, says Johanna , is to provide on going assistance and a directory of  recognised practitioners  from which the individual can access information as required irrespective of where they live .

  • I am currently working on offering scholarships for learning and development.


Contact me for further details


MOBILE  –   0434 390 363

Skype- johanna.mcnamara88