Ethos and Mission Statement

Ascent Healing 1

LIFE IS ..  A JOURNEY   !!!!!!!!

OUR HEART SPEAKS ..!!  Heart to Heart  – Body – Mind- Spirit- Soul-

  • Providing safe and healing environments for everyone………….
  • Discovering our unique abilities and creative genius………….
  • Provide services for like minded people to  Grow, Learn, Enjoy life and what life has to offer
  • Offer a forum for people to share creative ways to explore life and well being.
  • Show people that there is – A Way of Life to BE Harmonious and Successful

AHC  Mission
While remaining true to the higher self and honouring universal law, our mission is

  • To uphold, encourage, promote and advance the awareness and philosophy of Personal Health and Wellness in all aspects
  • Promote an enduring spirituality of  forgiveness, healing, peace and harmony within the community.

OUR Vision
Ascent Healing Centre will continue to be an Enduring provider, facilitator and educator of Spiritual Wellness,  Empowerment, and Healing

To be a guiding  light for people to empower themselves to be the BEST they can be for themself with the resources each individual has at any given time.

 Core Values
Ascent Healing Centre values  all facets of life. The 18 core values listed below form the guiding principle which underpins everything the organisation carries out.


  • The value of a Christo centric  being
  • The value of achieving one’s full potential
  • The value of ethical behaviour, responsibility and freedom
  • The value of equality, respect and tolerance for others
  • The value of self acceptance, respect and empowerment of self
  • The value of individual uniqueness
  • The value of personal meaning
  • The value of honest, caring relationships, where feelings and visions are shared
  • The value of compassion and care
  • The value of honouring the body, mind, spirit and soul
  • The value of stillness, quiet and solitude
  • The value of meditation and reflection
  • The value of discernment and critical awareness
  • The value of intuition, imagination & creativity
  • The value of all modalities which aid healing -Mental-Physical-Spiritual- Soul levels


  •  The value of ancient wisdom and heritage
  • The value of ecological awareness, balance, of kindness to our planet and those dwell here. (mankind and creatures)
  • The value of acknowledging with RESPECT all  other cultures, traditions and rituals.
  • The value of celebrating the divine plan for human consciousness.. humanity.