Johanna M McNamara 


            –  Spiritual Wellness Advocate –

Revealing  Your Life and Soul Purpose Blue Print

Facilitator of  Life  & Soul Purpose Change & Transformation

Johanna McNamara is the Founding Director and Principal of the Ascent Healing Centre which offers people globally, the opportunity to pursue Health, Wellness, Spiritual & Personal Development in all aspects.   “Oneness, Wholeness, Being ”

She is a well known and respected Facilitator of Personal Life Change & Transformation, creating her Program  ‘Your Blue Print for Life and Soul Purpose Change and Transformation’ enabling each individual  to be the Best You can Be !    By Appointment only !

A Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Counsellor, Energy Healer,  Johanna  works with people from all walks of life  to energetically clear trapped energy from your DNA Memory  level of  past traumas, conflicts and dramas.

In addition, Johanna is a Reiki Master, Theta Healing Practitioner(R),and Genome DNA Stem Cell Healing Practitioner.

Johanna is also an Access bars Practitioner, Holistic Children’s Coach;  and Practitioner of  Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Healing- and Crystal Singing Bowls.

Changing Lives, Making a difference!


Johanna has many Australian National Accreditation in Education, Psychology, and Training qualifications, travelling both throughout Australia and Internationally, as required.

  • As part of my Personal and Professional Development and training, I am  currently studying both a Certificate in Intuitive Counselling, and a Diploma of Counselling specialising in Grief and Loss; Anger Management and Addictions and Family Relationships.
  • I am a qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with a Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute  Resolution to assist with marginalised people, indigenous, and Migrant people.
  • I am also a qualified and registered Mediator
  • Additionally, Johanna is completing courses in  using Australian Bush Flower Essences  to further assist humanity.


Johanna’s background is in Corporate Training, Adult Education  and Curriculum Development, having travelled throughout Australia and overseas.   A specialist, enjoying developing and writing training, personal development manuals and materials for Australian and overseas clients in a range of modalities and disciplines.

  • Johanna and colleague, Mona de Carvallo have written and introduced a series of workshops and sessions for children. ” Holistic Children’s Coaching‘  Aimed at children to empower, transform, and assist them in their daily lives, to live an enriched life.

Some Qualifications in Professional Development and Training include though not restricted to

  • Graduate Diploma Family Dispute Resolution
  • NMAS Mediator
  • Bachelors Arts – double major Industrial Relations and Political Science
  • Diploma Teaching – double  major in Educational Psychology and Music
  • Diploma in Training and Work Place Assessment

Alternative Therapies: These include:

  • Sound  and Vibrational Healing
    • (Crystal Singing Bowl; Tibetan Singing Bowls; Koshi Bells; Irish Bodhran Drum; Tuning Forks)
  • Currently studying  Diploma Counselling and Certificate in Intuitive Counseling
  • Currently studying  Australian Bush Flower Essences for Practitioner certification
  • Reiki Master  Teacher and Practitioner
  • Access  Bars Practitioner
  • Genome Healing  Practitioner
  • Theta Healing Practitioner
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming studies
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Aromatherapy – creating 100%  essential Oil blends for healing and wellbeing
    • Arumashaya ‘Scent Range’ (Scent of Peace; Scent of Being; Scent of Destiny; Scent of Seduction)
    • 11  x Arch Angel 100% Essential Oil Blends
  • Healing Codes for Individuals
    • Research and study into Russian Healing Codes (Dr Grigori Grabavoi)
  • Spiritual Guide Drawings



35  years  Training, Teaching and Professional, Personal Development in Australia.

A Spiritual Wellness Advocate, Spiritual Counsellor and Intuitive Healer for most of my life,  visioning the best outcomes for each person as they desire.

In the operation of my businesses, I continue to empower, deliver and conduct training programs, mentoring and providing support that is tailored to my clientele.

“An educational, personal  facilitator and trainer for most of my life, I seek to empower each individual to be the BEST that they can be.”

After a traumatic car accident during the 1980’s, and due to the nature of the accident and the injuries sustained, I experienced an out of body experience, medically verified.’

Since then, I have become a Spiritual Wellness Advocate, Facilitator of Personal Change & Transformation , together with enhanced abilities of a Medical Intuitive; Spiritual Counsellor ;  Motivational Speaker,  and Energy Healing Practitioner.  My clients and students  contact me globally seeking assistance which I gladly offer.

For some years I was a volunteer Reiki Master and practitioner for Cancer Support during the week, working with people who attended seminars and workshops for healing and dealing with their illness. Helping some  people to reconcile, pass over in peace, and harmony with themselves, and family.  Since then, I still help families and individuals grieving, and those coming to the close of their life to assist them with forgiveness, healing and letting go with peace.

I have also been blessed to serve as a Life Line Crisis Counsellor.


I have from  the age of 3 years of age known and communicated with the angelic realm. I have always had a special love, devotion and  bond with The Blessed Virgin Mary (Mother Mary), Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and over the years, many saints.  Later, many indigenous elders from many cultures have made contact with me during my sessions with clients, assisting with healing processes.

How blessed am I to have 2 x very precious and talented daughters- each very different, funny, witty, caring and compassionate,  – they are both my greatest blessings. I am also Grandmother to 6 x grandchildren.

2002 I travelled to Brazil to the Casa Dom Ignacio Loyola to spend 5 x weeks with Joa-(John of God) . This was  a transforming life experience for me having met and interacted with hundreds of people during that time who travelled all over the world to see Joa for healing .. some to volunteer to help others.

I met many other like minded healers and spent some wonderful times there.. visited some very special Holy and sacred places around Brazil. (Cathedral of Nossa Senhora Aparecidas -Black Madonna Brazil  )

  • As a consequence of that experience and the subsequent experiences that occurred thereafter, I became aware that there had occurred within me, some major changes. I noticed an intensifying of Spiritual, visionary, medical intuitive and powerful healing capabilities.
  • I had in fact also become a stronger 0Medical intuitive, and Empath, able to see within people to see their energy blocks and dis-eases.
  • With the added gifts of channelling, and other abilities as mentioned, I had the overwhelming desire to assist people utilising these skills/abilities / gifts to help them.
  • To help them make a positive difference in every life.”

In my searching for truth and answers, and the search for knowledge I was led to other sources of information , and qualifications of further education and training and coaching. These include:

  • REIKI – becoming a master practitioner
  • Basic Theta Healing – Vianna Stibley
  • Genome Healing – Carol Roberts
  • Access Bars Practitioner
  • Louise Hay -How to Heal Your Life and Other books.
  • Doreen Virtue – books, cards, music
    • And many more incredible interesting individuals
  • Children’s Coaching -Susan Howson
  • Meditation and Creative Visualizing -Shakti Gawain
  • Knowledge and Use of  amazing  Tibetan Singing bowls , and crystal singing  Bowls and music in Sound and Vibration Healing
  • Chakra energy clearing
  • Aromatherapy and Essential oils
    • Arumashaya 100% Essential Oil Blends Scent range
      • Scent of Peace; Scent of Being; Scent of Destiny; Scent of Seduction
    • Arumashaya 11 x Arch Angels Oil Blends –  100% Essential Oil blends – 11 x archangels to inspire and uplift
  • Music – Proficient in playing classical guitar, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal singing bowls, harmonica, Irish Harp , Irish Bodhran Drum; Koshi bells, and the love of  singing.
  • Spiritual Drawing

My journey is far from over, combining my Christian faith, confidence, skills and abilities, and spiritual beliefs, I have been truly blessed.

What Brings Me Joy ?

  • My Faith, Belief and Confidence in God
  • My Family
  • My own business enterprises  – Ascent Healing Centre ; Johanna’s 4 Flowers and Gifts:  and recently,  ISHADA (International  Spiritual Healing and Development Academy – coming soon )
  • Helping people, sharing laughter, fun, creativity and life… opening doors for everyone, whether it be in the business, industry or other sectors of the community

Life is a journey.. Making a Positive change.. one step at a time !